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At Calvary Baptist Church, we don't want church attendance to be another item you begrudgingly check off your list each week, but rather, our desire is that church is the highlight of one's week; something you look forward to, and not dread. We are excited about the blessed opportunity each week to review God's Word, the Bible with you, to discover together the remarkable truths and the message of hope that is contained within. Regardless of the week you've had, consider putting all distractions aside to come and worship with us Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.

~ from the pastoral team at Calvary Baptist Church



April 06   Gospel Living (Easter, pt. 2) Pastor Richard Agnew
April 13 Gospel Sharing (Easter, pt. 3)  Pastor Richard Agnew
April 18 Good Friday Service in Petawawa  Pastor Tim Roddick
April 20 Gospel Celebration (Easter, pt. 4) Pastor Richard Agnew
April 27 The Letter of 1 Timothy, pt. 15 Pastor Richard Agnew


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